The Working of a Solar Power System

There have been global campaigns insisting on the use of clean energy to save the environment. Emissions from industries, vehicles and other machinery are said to be a major cause of global warming and environmental pollutants. Experts say they can lead to the destruction of the ozone layer which prevents harmful rays from reaching the earth’s surface. Some of them can be harmful when inhaled. People and organizations have come up with their alternatives adopting various forms of clean energy. Examples of clean energy sources include wind, water and solar. Solar systems get clean energy from the sun. Having them at your place will help reduce the over-reliance on fossil fuels and reduce gas emissions.

We know that electricity is obtained from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. Whenever they are burned to produce electricity, they release emissions dangerous to the environment. Fossil fuels are also non-renewablealigned panels and can get depleted with time. This may lead to the rise of their prices in the market. The invention of the solar system which uses a renewable form of energy has made the life of man easier. It can be used in lighting houses, cooking and even warming food or water. A solar power system is made up of several types of equipment that help in its functioning. They include solar panels, inverter, and switchboard. There are three main types of solar systems each with its mode of operation. They include on-grid, off-grid and hybrid system. Here is how they work.


It is commonly used in most residential and business places. Its system is connected to the main electricity grid and does not require cell storage. Power generated is not used directly at home but exported to the electric grid. This system is not able to produce power during blackouts because of invulnerability reasons. Exposing the people repairing the fault to a damaged grid which is getting electricity from the inverter can be dangerous.


solar panelThis system requires battery storage because it is not connected to the electric grid. Most of them use a battery with proper storage so that it may save enough power for home use. It is also made in a unique way such that it can collect enough energy all through the year. You can buy a backup generator to be used when there is not enough heat energy from the sun.

Hybrid system

This type of solar system uses batteries to store energy for later use. They are mostly used as a backup because of their capability to save energy. The hybrid solar system is connected to the electric grid, unlike other systems. The grid can play the role of a backup when the stored energy is exhausted. The hybrid system can charge its batteries using electricity.